Development of a Curriculum of Basic Competences for Art Therapy With Older People

J Masuch, L Antwerpen, S Brons, H Gruber, C Hamberger, K Seifert, R Roller-Wirnsberger, K Singler (Last author)

Research output: Contribution to journalOriginal Article (Journal)peer-review


The aim of the present research was to develop a competence-based curriculum for art therapy with older people. Following a literature research and a structured review of art therapy curricula from Germany and Europe, a competence-based catalog of basic learning objectives was compiled by an interdisciplinary steering group. This was subsequently evaluated by an interdisciplinary expert group by means of a modified Delphi process using SurveyMonkey. 2 Delphi rounds were required to achieve a consensus and 29 experts participated in the whole process. The result is a curriculum comprising 6 domains and 62 learning objectives. The curriculum is based on the German context, but may be a helpful model for therapists and educators in other countries.


  • Competences
  • curriculum
  • art therapy
  • geriatrics
  • modified Delphi process


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